It was the perfect storm nine days before the trade deadline:

replica celine bags The Jets and Ottawa, a contender versus a team not even pretending anymore.It was the perfect storm nine days before the trade deadline: an aggressive buyer willing to pay a steep price to go for a Stanley Cup (the Jets) meeting a seller coming to the realization it won be able to keep some of its blue chip players from going to free agency (the Sens).The stage has been set for days.Ottawa had dispatched team brass to Winnipeg for the week to scout not only the Jets, but their AHL farm team, the Manitoba Moose.Meanwhile, Jets scouts had been following the Senators, too.The two troops no doubt collected reams of intelligence with one final judgement left to make: from a head to head meeting at Portage Avenue and Hargrave Street.After all, what better way to measure a potential acquisition than seeing him in action against the players you most familiar with?It had all the makings of one of those deals, where a traded player only has to report to the other team headquarters a few dozen steps away.Coincidentally, one of the players that happened to was in the building, Saturday: Sens goalie Anders Nilsson was a Vancouver Canuck until just before those teams squared off in Ottawa in early January.had lunch (with the Canucks), then I got a phone call that I was traded here to Ottawa, Nilsson told reporters that day. coque iphone Been a different day and I going to remember it when I get older. Course, Nilsson wasn the focus this time, but rather his teammate, Mark Stone.If Paul Stastny was the perfect fit for the Jets replica celine last year at this time, Stone might be it this year.He may not be a centre, but the Jets have two rather large questions on the wing, in Nik Ehlers (injured) and Patrik Laine (ineffective).Both struggled to produce in last year playoffs, Ehlers managing not a single goal in 15 games, Laine a middling five in 17.Out since January 4, Ehlers still has a week or two left in his recovery, and while that might give him time to get his game playoff ready, the Jets won have that answer by the trade deadline.Laine could snap out of his funk (one goal in his last 21 games) any day, but what if he doesn What if he producing at a similar rate to last year post season, or worse, going into April?Stone appears to be a potentially perfect solution, a big, dependable at both ends forward who scored a career high 26th goal in Saturday game, his fifth straight season with 20 or more.He 26 years old, with a contract that expires this summer.Oh, and did we mention he born and raised in Winnipeg, a product of Westwood Collegiate who went on to become a junior star for the Brandon Wheat Kings?Serendipity, destiny or just common sense?Stone was also a member of Team Canada for the 2012 World Junior Championship and 2016 World Championship, where he was teammates with Jets centre Mark Scheifele.on a line with him, actually, at that World Championship, Scheifele said. coque iphone replica celine bags

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